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My name is Daniele. I am a passionate developer, GNU/Linux user and IoT enthusiast.

I do not use any social media. But you can contact me by email.


I am currently open to listen to job offers.

Tools and Experience

General Programming


Web Development

Operating Systems

General Software

This Website

This website uses Jekyll because I am too lazy to write the HTML by myself and because using a blog software seemed like a complete overkill.

The server runs NGINX.

This website uses no cookies and no Javascript. It works in every modern browser. On server side, there is also no interpreted / dynamic scripting language involved. The complete markup is statically generated and served accordingly.

There are no resources loaded from outside, no social media links and nothing that could be a privacy concern.

Very often, I use this website as an example of simplicity. There is not much work involved in creating a modern website. Web developers also often exaggerate with the usage of fancy tools, services, libraries and javascript.


Operating System

On my desktop, I run xubuntu. I prefer it because of the PPAs and because it’s similar to Debian, which I used for several years before using xubuntu.

My biggest discomfort with Debian were the outdated packages. For a long time, I have been using Debian testing. But Debian testing tends to receive security updates too slowly (especially during code freezes, stable, oldstable and sid will receive security fixes long before testing will).

I am not happy with the speed that Ubuntu takes care of security issues either, but I keep using it because it appears to be the most comfortable distribution.

I tried using Arch for a while on my laptop, but I don’t have the patience to maintain an Arch system for my daily use.

I enjoy using OpenBSD because of pf on certain devices.

Web Browser

I am not happy with any available web browser at the moment. I don’t want to use Google Chrome or any Blink based browser. I am normally not too concerned about my privacy, but I had certain scenarios in which I was frightened about the details that Google managed to guess about me by their targeted ads.

I decided to use Firefox instead because I consider it to be the lesser evil.


For developing, I use IntelliJ. I grew used to it around 2015. Before, I was using NetBeans for languages which had a NetBeans plugin and dedicated IDEs for everything that did not.

I write a lot of tiny scripts to automatise whatever I am doing. For those scripts (mainly perl and bash), I just use [Vim]

Programming Language

I don’t follow a technical agenda and I don’t have a programming language of choice. Instead, I believe in using whatever programming language is the most appropriate for the task to solve. I enjoy learning new programming languages and I am open minded about using languages that I haven’t used before.

I frequently visit Go meet-ups because I like how the language is designed and works. But, since it is not very popular in my area, I did not have many situations in which I was able to use it professionally.

Cloud Storage

I don’t enjoy having my files on someone else’s computer. I don’t use any public cloud service. I have an Intel NUC and a NAS at home running 24/7 to secure my data.

I use rsync to synchronize files between my desktop computer, my NAS and my laptop.

The only exception is GitHub for my open source projects.


I buy most of my hardware either refurbished or second hand.

My Desktop Computer is a Lenovo ThinkStation from 2012 which I bought second hand for 220 CHF in 2016. It fits my needs and can still compete with modern hardware.

CPU: Intel Xeon E31230
GPU: Quadro 600

My Laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad T460P which I bought refurbished for roughly 600 CHF in late 2016.

CPU: Intel Core i5-6440HQ
GPU: integrated
RAM: DDR4 15864MiB

In future, I want to try avoiding to buy Intel CPUs because I was disappointed by the way they handled the Meltdown and Spectre accidents. But I believe that I won’t need any new hardware until approximately 2020. This mostly depends on the maintainability of my laptop.

My smartphone is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. I bought it second hand for 480 CHF in 2018.

I use a large amount of Raspberry PIs at home for various purposes. I also have other SBCs like the Asus TinkerBoard. Besides other SBCs sometimes having better hardware, the amount of Raspberry PI related solutions available online, keeps me using Raspberry PIs.