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Blueberry is a work in progress micro service framework written Go. It is designed to rapidly achieve prototypes and running services. It is designed to work comfortably in medium-sized code bases.


  • Routes by URL
  • Routes by methods
  • Catch-All routes & routes with variables
  • Middlewares (pre request events, post request events)
  • JSON responses

The project is still a work in progress and not suitable for daily use. Also, it is not well documented yet.

Blueberry on GitHub


Collision2D is a tiny Java library that I created when developing a 2D Android game when facing the problem that using rectangles as hit boxes to calculate entity collisions is just not an adequate user experience.

Collision2D enables to create hit boxes out of many rectangles. Because having many rectangles has a higher runtime complexity when calculating collisions, the hit box elements are wrapped by one big rectangle which can estimate if a collision would theoretically be possible, before actually calculating the collision.

Collision2D on GitHub